FANG Update

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Privacy and Security


FANG 1 Tools Now Available!


DARPA has documented and made available the software for all of the design and collaboration tools used by participants in its first FANG Challenge. Source code for the META design tools, VehicleFORGE collaboration platform and iFAB foundry IT infrastructure can be downloaded from an online repository maintained by the Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization.

To download FANG 1 tools, CLICK HERE.



FANG Mobility/Drivetrain Challenge Completed; Winner Announced


"Ground Systems", a 3-person team with members in Ohio, Texas and California, was awarded a a $1 million prize by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as the winner of the FANG Mobility/Drivetrain Challenge.

Details about the winning design and the FANG program can be found here: